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About Us


Deep 3 Mission

Brand Deep 3 not only identifies you as an athlete but also as an individual who has the drive, desire and determination to achieve excellence beyond life’s expectations. Living life beyond the arc!

Deep 3 Vision

Our company is built on achievement. The guided vision of Deep 3 Sportswear is to provide high quality products and raise the industry standard of excellence both on and off the court. Deep 3 represents the passion and drive an individual possesses to succeed through all obstacles, where the demands of athletic competition meet the demands of life.

Deep 3 Company Culture

The Deep 3 company culture is simple, we invest in our people, our products and our community. We emphasize team achievements and take pride in individual accomplishments that contribute to the company’s overall success. Our highly communicative environment fosters productivity, creativity and camaraderie.  Ideas are traded, tested and put into practice with the highest degree of passion and excitement. Our product is a direct reflection of our creative innovation in quality, fashion and athletic performance.

News Updates...

Deep Three vs. The Dallas Mavericks

The battle has been won!!! A recent trademark opposition between Deep 3 and the Dallas Mavericks has come to a conclusion. The United States Trademark Office ruled in the favor of John Carlisle (Deep 3 Representative) to proceed in building brand "Deep 3". Deep Three Sportswear can now implement the time and resources needed to provide you with the most original Deep 3 performance apparel you can ask for!

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Living Life Beyond The Arc...